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 At Columbia Basin Health Association the faces of success are as varied as the faces of our patients.
Success is…

  • The diabetic patient who, with the help of their CBHA provider, honors their self-management plan and is no longer dependent on insulin.
  • The senior with chronic high blood pressure who, with the help of our nutritionist and health educators through diet and exercise, lowers their blood pressure level into the normal range.
  • The dental patient who is no longer afraid to smile because our orthodontic program straightened their teeth.
  • The formerly uninsured patient who continues to come to CBHA even after securing a job with health benefits because the quality of care that CBHA provides is unmatched anywhere.
  • The patient on anticoagulation therapy who regularly utilizes our extensive in-house laboratory services to ensure their PT/INR results are appropriate to maintain their level of health and activity.
  • The patient who can afford to take their medications on a consistent basis because of our 340b pharmacy program.
  • The student who no longer has trouble learning because our EyeCare program helped their ability to read by correcting their vision.
  • The high risk obstetrics patient who gets culturally appropriate care through our 24/7/365 on-call labor support program.
  • The woman who monitors her osteoporosis with regular checkups through our radiology department.

Our success to date is the result of our work ethic, accountability, knowledge sharing and experience in improving the health of our communities. No less, it is the result of our innovative approaches to care that have brought forward practices that are now defining the quality and patient-centered medical home of the future. Going forward, we will have the remarkable opportunity to serve more patients and to help our communities achieve greater quality and savings in health care. The changing health care environment will demand more from each of us in performance and excellence. We are determined to not only persevere, but succeed using the lessons we have learned to make access to affordable, quality health care a reality for our patients. As CBHA enters into its 39th year, I extend to each of you both thanks for all we’ve accomplished and the expectation for a wonderful 2011. As long as we keep improving, we can only feel good about the future.


Greg Brandenburg, CEO

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