CBHA Weight Management Program

Finding a weight loss program is not easy. Fad diets and misinformation often lead people to take extreme approaches to weight loss, often resulting in serious health complications. Our program is organized and run by experienced weight loss professionals and designed to achieve healthy, long-term weight management and improve overall health.

Columbia Basin Health Association offers individualized weight management plans. We take a holisitc approach to weight loss. With a team of professionals including medical and behavioral health providers, dieticians, and nutritions, and groups and educational resources, we help patients get the support needed to make positive lifestyle changes.


Columbia Basin Health Association is in its 3rd year of offering Nestle OPTIFAST® program. OPTIFAST® is a comprehensive, medically monitored weight management program clinically proven to get results. This program is overseen by Dr. Elali, a skilled physician certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine who has been with CBHA for over 17 years.

On average, participants of the OPTIFAST weight management program achieve:

  • 50 pounds of weight loss
  • 11% drop in blood pressure
  • 14% drop in cholesterol


Throughout the yearlong (52 week) OPTIFAST® program, you will be supervised by a medical professional who will make sure you are losing weight safely. During this time, your healthcare team will educate you on various ways you can sustain the results of your weight loss for years to come through diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle changes.

OPTIFAST® consists of four phases:

  • Assessment – Evaluation and introduction by Registered Dietitian. Physical exam, interview, lab draw and EKG by MD. Then a customized plan is created to meet your personal weight loss goals.
  • Active weight loss – For the first 12 weeks, you will maintain a diet of OPTIFAST® meal replacement products. Our MD and professional healthcare team will monitor your medical status to ensure the meals are working towards the desired end goal and ensure you have the tools and support you need to be successful!
  • Transition – As your weight loss begins to take effect, you will gradually transition back to regular meals through a new meal plan created with you by our team based on your health goals and preferences.
  • Long-Term Management – The hardest part of a weight loss program is making sure the results last. We offer ongoing group support, education sessions and 1:1 counseling to help you maintain your weight loss and new healthy lifestyle.

Make an Introduction Appointment with Karlee Kerr, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist to get started.

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