Our Eastern Washington Locations

Serving Patients Throughout the Columbia Basin

At Columbia Basin Health Association, our service area covers 3,687 square miles. This area includes not only all of Adams County but the northern third of Franklin County and the southern third of Grand County as well.

This area also includes:

  • A population of approximately 61,626
  • Roughly 31,500 low-income residents
  • Nearly 20,000 seasonal and migrant farmworkers

We are aware of and engaged with the specific challenges these patient populations face, especially when they reside in remote, rural areas where there is a shortage of health professionals. That is why Columbia Basin Health Association has established three extensively-outfitted and meticulously staffed clinics in our service area.

Our Clinic Locations

Our CBHA clinics offer a wide spectrum of different health services, ranging from primary care services, dental care, and mental health programs. Our goal at every one of our locations is to fulfill a critical role in the lives our patients and provide high-quality outpatient care they can trust.

Our clinics include:

  • Othello Clinic - (509) 488-5256
  • Wahluke Clinic - (509) 932-3535
  • Connell Clinic - (509) 234-0866
  • Pasco Clinic – (509) 331-0150
  • 14th Avenue Clinic – (509) 488-5256
  • Royal City Clinic – (509) 331-0144
  • After-hours Line - (509) 488-5256

For after hour support, please call your local clinic to reach the on-call provider

Medical Records Fax: 509-331-1601

For more information about the specific health services offered at your nearest Columbia Basin Health Association clinic, contact us today.