We are proud to introduce Columbia Basin Health Association’s department leaders. These dedicated men and women manage clinic facilities and services and provide the guidance our teams need to best serve you.

  • Abner Valdez
    Logistics Supervisor
  • Aries Gomez Gonzalez
  • Amanda R. Stucky
    Director of Grants & Contract Management
  • Christina Toro
    Director of Patient Engagement
  • Carlos Ruiz
    Director of Dental Operations
  • Dalina Hoffman
    Clinic Manager | Connell Clinic
  • Daniela Voorhies
    Clinic Manager | Wahluke Clinic
  • Doug Thompson
    Project Management Director
  • Estella Perez
    Clinic Manager | Othello Clinic
  • Felipe Esparza
    Eye Care Management Trainee
  • Hayley Middleton
    Quality Manager
  • Dr. Hung Miu
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Jason Bleazard
    Director of Optometry
  • Jessica Smith
    Director of Pharmacy
  • Dr. Ji Choi
    Chief Dental Officer
  • Jillian Mendez
    Site Director
  • Jonathan Madera
    Vice President of Operations
  • Joshua Bunch
    ​​Chief Financial Officer
  • Juan Sandoval
    Director of Health Connections
  • Juanita Leal
    Management Trainee
  • Kelly Carlson
    Chief Administration Officer
  • Kim Yerbich
    Billing Supervisor
  • Luis Rodriguez
    Business Office Manager
  • Magali Valdez
    Marketing Manager
  • Martha Mabry
    Program Manager
  • Mat Garza
    Clinic Manager | Othello Clinic
  • Melva Zavala
    Programs Manager
  • Micheal Lukson
    Director of Finance
  • Nathan Spinelli
    Clinical Pharmacist - Population Health
  • Narce Falcon
    Dental Business Manager
  • Nieves Gomez
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Randel Stevens
    Chief Information Officer
  • Rebecca Wolfs
    Director of Training/Dev. & Compliance
  • Shannon Walker
    Vice President of Health Equity
  • Salvador Martinez
    Pharmacy Services Supervisor
  • Dr. Sonia Idrogo
    Dental Program Coordinator
  • Teresa Barajas
    Contact Center Supervisor
  • Tim Seibel
    Director of Ancillary Services
  • Tracie Griffin
    Dental Operations Supervisor