We are proud to introduce Columbia Basin Health Association’s department leaders! These dedicated men and women manage various clinic facilities and services.

  • Alex Bountharath
    Optometry Business Manager
  • Brant Baker
  • Cheryl Gutierrez
    Nurse Manager
  • Cindi Hogeboom
    Family Early Intervention Services Supervisor
  • Curtis Andrews
    Director of Environmental Services
  • Daniela Voorhies
    Assistant Pharmacy Business Manager
  • Delia Dominguez
    Dental Assistant Supervisor
  • Doug Thompson
    Director of Project Management
  • Emily Medina
    Dental Assistant Supervisor
  • Estella Perez
    Nurse Manager
  • Hayley Middleton
    Quality Manager
  • Jason Bleazard
    Director of Eye Care
  • Jennifer Day
    Nurse Manager
  • Jessica Smith
    Pharmacy Director
  • Joshua Bunch
    Director of Finance
  • Juan Sandoval
    Director of Health Connections
  • Kathy Whitney
    Nurse Manager
  • Kim Yerbich
    Billing Supervisor
  • Marisol Quezada
    Family Programs Supervisor
  • Martha Mabry
    WIC Supervisor
  • Melinda Valencia
    Call Center Supervisor
  • Narce Falcon
    Dental Business Manager
  • Nohely Velazquez
    Clinic Manager
  • Paloma Mendez
    Coding Supervisor
  • Sarah Salsbury
    Dental Clinical Supervisor
  • Shannon Springer
    Director of Human Resources
  • Sonia Idrogo
    Dental Director
  • Tawni Solberg
    Nurse Manager
  • Tim Seibel
    Pharmacy Business Manager
  • Tina Deleon
    Dental Assistant Supervisor
  • Christina Toro
    Call Center Supervisor
  • Courtney Olson
    Site Director
    Wahluke Clinic
  • Jonathan Madera
    Site Director
    Othello Clinic