CBHA Men Join the Movement!

You may notice more men with facial hair than usual the next time you come into a CBHA Clinic. These guys have answered the call to raise awareness about Men’s Health Issues throughout the month of November. It’s a fun way to call attention to some of the health issues men face. “We men, by nature, are less apt to take care of ourselves than women,” John Beauchamp,PA-C, said. “Men are encouraged to grow out their beards to increase awareness about prostate cancer and a number of health issues impacting men, including depression, physical inactivity, etc.

“We are going to focus on men’s mental health this week,” Beauchamp said. ARNP Michelle Taylor, joined the CBHA medical team in July of this year. Michelle is a psychiatric mental help Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) specially trained to help people deal with difficult life issues and stresses of everyday life. “We are so excited to have her on board,” he said

Taylor said short-term mood ups and downs are normal. It’s when people start having long term problems in one or more areas that the stress mounts. Common causes of stress include work, unemployment, money, bereavement and other endings including moving, splitting up with a partner, changing jobs or children leaving home. Family breakdowns cause enormous stress and greatly affects health and mood sometimes resulting in drinking and drugs and, in some cases, addiction. Add to that sex and sexuality, bad weather happenings and being on the receiving end of violence. “People may react by getting out of a situation. Sometimes that might help: however, continually changing jobs, partners or moving only adds to the problem, “ Taylor said.

The incidence of mental illness in women is actually higher than in men; however men take their lives nearly four teams the rate of women. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in people from ages 10 to 34. Risk factors for suicide vary by age, gender, and ethnic groups; factors often occur in combinations. “Women are more likely to seek treatment for mental health issues than men, Taylor said. “Men may have a tendency to view seeking help as a sign of weakness. In reality, it is just the opposite. It takes a great deal of strength.” Taylor and Beauchamp stressed that no referral is needed. “Just call CBHA at 509-488-5256 to make an appointment. We’ll work with you to help you return to the life you want to lead.”