Imaging Services

State-of-the-Art, Noninvasive Technology for Internal Diagnostic Testing

An imaging test is a diagnostic procedure that allows your doctor to analyze the body’s internal structures. At Columbia Basin Health Association, we use state-of-the-art technology that is noninvasive and safe. Our imaging results are stored electronically so that our team can more quickly analyze them and easily transfer them to other members of your care team. These services are essential for finding problems that are not immediately apparent on the outside.

We offer the following imaging services:

  • Digital x-ray in Othello and Mattawa – X-rays are the traditional standard for imaging tests. Digital x-rays are a significant improvement on the traditional print out x-ray in that the results are displayed on a high quality computer monitor, resulting in a much cleaner and more detailed image for radiologists to analyze.
  • Dexascan bone density testing – A bone density scan is a simple, noninvasive procedure that uses enhanced x-rays to create detailed images of the bones. These images allow radiologists to assess the strength of bones, check for fractures, and detect symptoms of osteoporosis.
  • 5D Ultrasound in Othello and Mattawa – 5D ultrasounds are currently the most efficient form of ultrasound available. The 5D ultrasound process is semi-automatic that speeds up the ultrasound process, cutting down the time you need to spend at the clinic.

If you have questions about our imaging services or would like to schedule an appointment, call 800-330-2242 today.