Columbia Basin Early Intervention Services

Early Support for Infants & Toddlers

Because infants and toddlers cannot speak, it can be difficult for parents to know if something is wrong. New and experienced parents often wonder if their child's behavior is normal; this can make parents anxious. The Early Support for Infants and Toddlers Program (ESIT) is an early intervention program for children from birth to three years old. Often children are referred to ESIT services by their primacy care doctor.

The ESIT program is a preventative care service which evaluates your child’s growth and development. If any developmental delays are identified, experienced childcare professionals work with parents and therapists to develop a plan to improve your child's speech and/or motor skills. As well as assess progress until goals are met.

Services in this program include:

  • Early assessment/identification
  • Multi-disciplinary evaluations and progress monitoring
  • Speech therapy, occupational therapy and/or other specialty therapies per individual child needs

We educate parents about abnormal behaviors they should look for and how to interact with their children to practice and improve language and motor skills. Our team coordinates with community healthcare leaders so we can refer parents to trusted resources for specialty care when needed. We also work wtih school districts to transwer services as needed, once a child reaches age three and is no longer eligible for ESIT services.

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