Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors have one thing in common: they share a commitment to the philosophy of our mission.

Along with CBHA’s executive team and leadership, the Board of Directors help define organizational goals and objectives that continue to serve our mission to provide equal access to all people in our communities.

A six-pillar model covering community, clinic services, quality, people, finance and growth is used to provide the framework to set goals and direction for our organization.

As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), more than half of our Board of Directors must represent the individuals that we serve like race, ethnicity and gender. And more than the majority of the Board must be patients of CBHA.

FQHC boards are often in agreement with the needs of the community served by the center, which results in more patient-centered care.

So in short, our Board of Directors are set up this way so that they have our patients best interest in mind and ensure that we keep our focus on providing the best care for them and our community!

  • director photoDebbie Buss Vice Chairman

  • director photoDora Beraza

  • director photoEnrique Míron

  • director photoJanelle Andersen

  • director photoJoe Montemayor

  • director photoMaria Quezada

  • director photoMaria Rosales

  • director photoMartha Holt

  • director photoMartin Gallardo

  • director photoMike Garza
    Board Chairman

  • Scott Harris

  • Gloria Z. Ochoa

  • Marisol Quezada