Connecting to Purpose as a Community

Our Family Services Department united as a team to support a specific petition for an elderly patient with high needs.

This specific patient is Mr. Sandoval, an elderly widowed man who is 78 years old and is surpassing huge struggles with his health and living conditions. He has no family members or children who reside near him to support and is struggling to find a permanent living. He is residing in a temporary living with assistance, but is yearning for a permanent place to consider home.

At the moment it is much more difficult for him to have meals each day due to the insufficiency of food resources and not being provided with his TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) food benefits any longer. The reason being is due to recently having his residency card expire. With this situation it made it nearly impossible to be eligible for Medicaid, any help with chronic needs, and doctor’s visits. He no longer qualifies for Special Mobility Services to assist him with transportation to and from Doctor Visits. He does not have the health measures to drive himself to and from areas much less pay for transportation. He also was neglected for continued assistance with housing grant due to his residency card. Obstacles occurred while assisting him with his living conditions, medical, and transportation and it all summed up to his need to renew his residency.

His Resource Coordinator from CBHA has been assisting him with resources and guidance through this rough year. The coordinator also reached out to Adams County Integrated Health and has been speaking with his community health specialists to provide the best services for Mr. Sandoval. In this moment of time our hands felt tied, but our hearts to help him were bigger than that obstacle.

Under these certain times is when our community is stronger together! As a team we joined forces to financially and emotionally give him a slight of hope. We were able to collect, in less than 24 hours, the amount needed for Mr. Sandoval to renew his residency. He was able to receive nonperishable food and hygiene essentials to help him get through a few days without worry. This monetary donation will be able to provide him with the means to continue with care and support. Although, it will take some time until he does receive his renewal we ask that in the mean time we find it in our means and hearts to join together to provide additional support.

We are connecting to our purpose while in times of uncertainty and distress at CBHA. Together we can do so much! Family Services appreciates taking time out of your day to reflect and spread hope in times of distress.