About Columbia Basin Health Association

Hometown Healthcare. Big City Innovation

We live out our mission statement everyday as we deliver our full range of services to people throughout Central Washington.

  • Mission Statement: It is our mission to provide equal access to quality health care to all persons regardless of age, sex, color, ethnicity, national origin, or the ability to pay.
  • Vision Statement: We will be a model of excellence in patient satisfaction in community and migrant health care and a community leader in initiating and developing collaborative relationships.

Our History

CBHA was founded by a group of community citizens who wanted to guarantee equal access to health care to all people living and working within Othello’s trade area. In late 1971, a small group of concerned people gathered to brainstorm solutions to the healthcare crisis created by the growth of population, lack of physicians and low reimbursement to medical providers from public assistance. They wanted to find a way to financially support the medically indigent and to respond to the special needs of the migrants and seasonal farm workers and bring preventive medicine and educational programs to their doorsteps.

This small group found a lot of opposition to their vision, but continued to push forward. Their struggle made national news and finally perseverance paid off. The clinic opened with one staff physician working out of four exam rooms, and the first patient was seen in August 1973. We now support three clinics in Adams. Grant and Franklin County and offer a full range of services including Medical, Dental, Eye Care, Behavioral Health, and Family Service programs. Our paradigm of Family Medicine has proven to be exceedingly successful and obviously fills a health care void in rural Central Washington.

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2019 – 2021 Roadmap to Quality
Developing Patient-Focused Excellence

CBHA has a strong tradition of expanding access to health care and providing high-quality, comprehensive services to the communities we support. We will continue to use Studer’s Five Pillar model (Services, Quality, People, Finance, and Growth), as we have done in the past. But we are adding a new one … the Community pillar, a key component for more fully integrating our clinics with the families and communities we serve. These pillars continue to provide the framework for setting our organizational goals and direction for services for the current 2019 – 2021 Strategic Plan.

Improve the health and wellness of our communities

  • Advancing care coordination opportunities with the Othello Community Hospital
  • Implementing a CBHA Patient Advisory Council (CPAC)
  • Implementing a Patient Engagement and Communication Platform
  • Enhancing suite of services to include Specialty Care
  • Introducing innovative technology to enhance care delivery initiatives
  • Adopting business intelligence tools to improve care gaps and care coordination
  • Promoting health equity and service parity for all programs

Patient centric, value-based outcomes to improve community health.

  • Positioning CBHA to successfully transition to Quadruple AIM Model of Care
  • Enhancing population health initiatives and Screenings for Social Determinants of Health
  • Advancing CBHA’s position to top 1% of FQHCs for UDS Quality Metrics
  • Developing Care Coordination program
  • Identifying and improving public health measures impacting CBHA communities
  • Enhancing Patient Experience Top Box Metrics
  • Increasing early intervention screenings in children 0-5
  • Advancing CBHA’s compliance accreditations

Recruit, recognize, retain and reward top talent across all disciplines and functions. CBHA will pursue people who are passionate about the work we do and who choose to live the CBHA culture out loud.

  • Developing CBHA’s Train to Retain program – CBHA University
  • Developing employee incentive programs to maximize performance
  • Enhancing CBHA’s position to become recognized as top Employer of Choice
  • Implement employee engagement and collaboration platform
  • Developing succession planning strategy for Executive Leadership
  • Developing “intentional culture” and organizational change management strategy
  • Improving hire to retire strategy for CBHA retention
  • Enhancing talent development opportunities for CBHA employees

Financial viability to support our mission and improve health equity.

  • Increasing gross revenue by 20% while maintaining 5% net operating income
  • Maximizing grant and contract opportunities
  • Increasing utilization across key service lines by 20%
  • Diversifying financial portfolio to distribute risk
  • Enhancing risk adjustment factor (RAF) coding knowledge to impact value based contracts
  • Exploring revenue producing opportunities for CBHA buildings
  • Enhancing business intelligence to include predictive analytics

Actively pursue and execute growth opportunities to expand access.

  • Building strategic analysis discipline and processes to support growth
  • Advancing community needs assessment / landscape analysis opportunities
  • Pursue geographic growth opportunities to expand the CBHA mission
  • Finalize the design and construction of Othello Clinic Campus Housing
  • Pursuing school-based health opportunities
  • Contracting with specialty providers to promote internal referrals
  • Implementing IT/IS platforms to support growth
  • Promoting health equity to underserved populations via Telehealth technology

Be an active and engaged advocate for wellness in the communities we serve.

  • Developing a CBHA foundation to advance mission
  • Transitioning the CBHA color run to an annual event
  • Developing a CBHA philanthropy model
  • Advancing lunch and learn series promoting community wellness
  • Advancing community marketing that connects to CBHA programs
  • Promoting health education and prevention in community events
  • Transitioning CBHA health care campuses to community destinations
  • Enhancing Total You wellness program to target health outcomes

Successful implementation of these strategies will help us achieve the following desired future goals:

  • Provide comprehensive services that meet community needs and demands
  • Enhance value by improving quality of services and outcomes.
  • Ensure our sustainability by the successful recruitment, retention, and recognition of providers and staff.
  • Maintain our financial strength by adding revenue sources and services through the effective management of our resources.
FTCA Disclaimer: CBHA receives HHS funding and has Federal Public Health Service (PHS) deemed status with respect to certain health or health-related claims, including medical malpractice claims, for itself and its covered individuals.