Firestarter Spotlight - Crisol Martinez

Crisol Martinez began working at CBHA in Nov., 2011 as a dental assistant. Crisol is a detail oriented person by nature and she liked her job from the beginning. She takes pride in making certain all the staff have what they need to take care of the patients - supplies in order, easily reached and returned to their original spot making it easy for the next person to quickly find what they need. Crisol is very interested in patient flow and is constantly on the alert for improvements that make it easier for everyone to do their job.

Lauren Spilles nominated Crisol for this honor. In so doing, she said “Crisol is very responsible and takes ownership of all aspects of Connell Dental from workflow, stocking supplies and directing patient care. This is one of the reasons Crisol was promoted to Dental Coordinator six months ago. Being dental coordinator has helped Crisol see things from a new perspective. “Now I can see what is necessary administratively to get things done,” she said. Lauren also pointed out Crisol’s leadership abilities. “I’m always impressed with how Crisol leads everybody in upholding the CBHA standards. She is clear about communicating her expectations and doesn’t avoid difficult conversations.” Crisol is a hard worker who always stays on task. She leads by example.”

A favorite part of Crisol’s job is being able to work at both the Othello and Connell Clinics. “I like to be at both places,” she said. The workflow is so different. People come from longer distances when they seek care in Connell. Folks in Othello live closer. “I want the patient experience to be great at both clinics so workflow and consistency is important.

Crisol recently found out that she had been chosen as this month’s fire starter. “It was just an ordinary day, a Friday and I was working the second half of the day in Othello. My supervisor, Delia Dominguez had asked me to go with her to the café,” she said. “I did think it was somewhat odd that she chose the door opposite the closest one to walk out of dental. Once we stepped out onto the landing, a number of people were out there and they started clapping. I said to Delia, ‘Oh, they are clapping for you!’ and she replied ‘No, they are clapping for you!’ I was so surprised and humbled - I even started to cry!” Crisol is also very grateful to her supervisor, Delia, for guiding and coaching her and to her co-workers for their support.

This has been a special year for Crisol. “I received the promotion to dental coordinator six months ago and a month ago I got married!” Crisol was born and raised in this area. However, her parents took the family to Mexico for Christmas every year and Crisol loved it. “I have always wanted to get married in Mexico and that is what we did!” She and her husband, Eric Pruneda, are also building a new house and will soon move into it. Work occupies most of her time during the week. She loves to shop and travel on the weekend and is looking forward to moving into their new home.