Othello Clinic

Trusted Outpatient Care from Columbia Basin Health Association

Our Othello Clinic offers various health services for residents and families of Othello and their surrounding communities. Primary medical care services are available, along with various other specialized services. Call today to learn more about what our clinic can do for you.

Othello Clinic

1515 E. Columbia St.
Othello, WA 99344
(509) 488-5256

Our Hours

Medical Hours
Monday – Friday:
7 am – 7 pm

Pharmacy Hours
Monday – Friday:
8 am – 7 pm

Eye Care Hours
Monday, Wednesday & Friday:
8 am – 5 pm

Tuesday & Thursday:
10 am – 7 pm

Dental Hours
Monday – Friday:
7 am – 6 pm

About Othello

Othello, Washington is a city of Adams County and home to nearly 8,000 Washingtonians. While Othello has been diversifying its local industry over the last few years, it is primarily known as an agricultural center and produces apples, wheat, corn, and other crops. In fact, Othello's potato farmers provide the U.S. with half of its french fries.

There is a strong sense of community in Othello and residents and visitors regularly convene at the city's farmer's markets, cultural festivals, and volunteer events. To learn more about the City of Othello, visit www.othellowa.gov today.