Clinical Labs

Lab Services Provided by Interpath Laboratory

Physicians and medical specialists frequently need patients to under simple lab tests in order to confirm a diagnosis or evaluate how well treatment is working. At Columbia Basin Health Association, clinical labs from Interpath Laboratory can be found on site at our health clinics. This means you no do not need to travel to a separate location for lab tests and we can process results faster. Medical issues are often treated best the earlier they are detected; faster lab testing allows us to treat patients more efficiently.

Our in-house lab offers:

  • State of the art technology in Othello, Mattawa and Connell.
  • Medium to complex in-house laboratory
  • Comprehensive metabolic panels
  • Rapid turnaround lab results

We are committed to serving the underserved populations of our community. Our affordable clinics and laboratories can be found throughout Central Washington in Othello, Connell, and Mattawa.

Call 800-330-2242 if you would like to learn more about our lab services.