Audiology and Occupational Health in the Columbia Basin

CBHA Hears You and Is Here to Help

Hearing loss is often thought to be a natural part of the aging process. Loss and damage can happen at any age, causing medical, psychological, social, educational, or work-related problems. Issues with balance or cognitive function are two examples.

Long exposure to loud noise can cause damage to the eardrum. Be proactive by wearing earplugs in loud work environments, as you operate firearms and machinery and at concerts. Listen to music, movies and videos at reasonable levels.

Audiologists perform extensive tests and measurements to help treat or work with you to prevent more damage. CBHA physician Dr. Al Atfeh and his is certified to complete in-house auditory testing with an Audiometric machine.

Our audiology services include:
  • Baseline and basic hearing tests
  • OSHA and occupational health audiology screenings
  • Hearing aid consultation
  • Balance and hearing disorder treatment
  • School Screenings

Occupational Health

On-the-job hearing loss happens over time. OSHA requires many industries to conduct hearing tests for new employees, and again annually. We do baseline testing and patient pre-screenings to assess and track occupational hearing loss.

If the results of your baseline or annual screening indicate loss, our team helps create a plan to prevent or reduce additional damage.

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