Sleep Awareness Week - Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

A lot of us are resentful about the hour we lose at the beginning of Daylight Saving Time and don’t think we sleep very well until the Fall when we get that hour back.

A recent poll found that the average U. S. adult feels tired during the day at least three out of the seven days a week. And more than a quarter of us feel tired five to seven days a week! Some attribute their drowsiness to not getting enough sleep. Others blame poor sleep quality.

If no changes are made, the same poor sleep cycle repeats itself week after week. Lack of sleep impacts your ability to focus, perform at work, and complete daily tasks.

People who didn’t sleep well reported having headaches while others said their tiredness makes them irritable. We need to make beneficial changes in our sleep routines to improve our overall health.

Many experts recommend following a specific ritual as bedtime nears.

  • Minimize your exposure to noise and light before bedtime.
  • Avoid alcohol or caffeine in the evening.
  • Turn off all screens (phone, tablet, TV) at least an hour before going to bed.
  • Listen to soothing music or relax with a book.
  • Then lay down on your comfortable mattress, supportive pillow and enjoy a good night’s sleep!

Information posted on Sleep tells us people ages 18 – 64 require seven to nine hours of sleep per night; people who are 64 and older should sleep seven to eight hours.

Take a look at your sleeping patterns… Are you getting enough sleep?