A Fresh Look for Enhanced Dental Care at CBHA

Dentistry is quickly moving into a digital age, and we want to ensure we stay updated with the latest equipment so that our patients constantly receive the best care.

Our Connell Dental Clinic has had a total makeover, and we want to show you some of the new features we have added to make this a safe and welcoming environment.

The most significant change we have made through this remodel is installing new dental chairs. The unique rotation mechanism allows a dentist, hygienist, and dental assistant to convert from a right- to a left-handed position within 15 seconds. This makes it very flexible for our staff to work on the same patient regardless of their dominant side. It also allows patients to be seen in any exam room with any provider, creating a shorter wait time.

When you walk into the exam room, you will notice the single-door entry, which provides complete privacy. If your dental assistant needs to take pictures, they can do so with the intraoral camera attached to the chair. After the picture has been taken, they can quickly show you the current condition of your tooth through the screen mounted on the chair. This is also convenient for our dentists, who can quickly review your X-rays when providing treatment.

After your exam, our dental assistants can quickly flush the water and vacuum lines in the chair, creating a cleaner and sanitized area for the next patient. Every exam room also received new flooring, window shades, updated paint color, and new ceiling lights and tiles to improve natural lighting.

Thank you for being patient with us through our Connell Dental Clinic remodel. If you haven’t seen your CBHA dentist in over a year, now is the perfect time to make your appointment and experience all these new features!