Firestarter Spotlight - Carmen Medina

Congratulations Carmen Medina!

Carmen began her employment at CBHA in February of 2015. Her title at that time was WIC Receptionist. She became trained in all areas of Family Services. She became a WIC certified November 2018.

Carmen was nominated for this award by co-workers Evelia Ocampo, Carla Lopez and Nelida Olascon. In nominating Carmen they said, “We can honestly say our whole department goes to Carmen if we need anything. She always has all the answers and is very willing to help. If someone has a question the first thing said is ‘ask Carmen – I bet she knows the answer!’”

Her co-workers report that Carmen always puts the patient first. If she cannot help the patient herself she tries her best to link them up with the right resources. “Carmen is not afraid of a challenge and works hard to keep communication between our departments flowing in order to ensure excellent services for our patients.” For her part, Carmen says the favorite part of her job is “being able to help people in so many ways.”

She also enjoys the variety of tasks she performs every day. “I am always doing something different!” Co-workers also report that Carmen never has a negative thing to say to anyone. When she trains new people she does not make them feel bad for mistakes they might make but always encourages them. She treats everyone with respect and kindness and does her best to make patients’ experience with CBHA a pleasant one.

Carmen moved with her family to Othello when she was a freshman in high school. She couldn’t understand or speak much English, she recalls. “I had no idea where to go or what to do the first day of school. Then one student showed me around and I gradually adjusted.” She graduated in 2008 speaking English fluently thanks to the dedication of her professors. Since then she has earned her AA degree (2018); where her future goals include getting a BA in accounting. “I love working with numbers,” she says. Besides loving numbers her family is also a major part of her identity. Carmen’s family live in Royal City, and are a great inspiration for her love of the community. It was a proud day for them when Carmen and her two sisters earned their AA degrees and graduated the same day. “It was proud joyful day for us all!”

Carmen was in the Family Services department meeting recently when Leo announced that they had a presentation. “Then a number of people came in and I thought ‘what’s going on’? Leo called my name and I was shocked….’Me, Firestarter?’” Carmen said. “I want to thank all my co-workers and supervisors, Martha Mabry, Marisol Quezada, Cindi Hogeboom, and Leo Gaeta, for helping me so much along the way. And thanks to CBHA for believing in my journey!”

In her spare time Carmen enjoys running and walking with her two Husky dogs Lui and Dandy. “They never get tired and keep her on her toes,” she said. She and her husband, Carlos, enjoy family and friend evenings where laughter and food is the main focus.