Provider Spotlight - Dr. Alaa Atfeh

It has been an exciting three months for Dr. Al Atfeh, family practice physician at CBHA. He became a father for the second time, he was sworn in as a US Citizen and now he is being recognized for excellence in Primary Care by Premera Blue Cross!

Dr. Atfeh is beginning his sixth year at CBHA. He was born in the country of Jordan and lived there until he was eight years old when he moved with his family to Syria. After completing medical school and a Family Medicine Residency in Beirut, Lebanon, he immigrated to the United States and completed a Family Practice Residency at Florida Hospital in Orlando. He then joined the medical staff at CBHA and settled into establishing his practice here in August, 2014. “I enjoy getting to know my patients and taking care of the whole family, delivering babies and watching them grow.” He also became a part of the communities he served and began the process of being a US citizen. That proud day came recently. “I took the Oath of Office and officially became a citizen on July 19th, 2019.

Dr, Atfeh recently received word that he was the recipient of the Premera Primary Care Provider Recognition Award. Premera Blue Cross created this recognition program because they know how important primary care is for the health and wellbeing of patients. They want to recognize primary care providers who deliver efficient and cost effect care to its members.

Patients often are surprised by insurance costs and are worried that they can’t afford the premium. They feel tossed between their health plan, doctors, and hospitals and are not sure about what they should do to make sense of all the paperwork. They find it confusing, feel they are not in control and wonder if anyone is on their side. Premera Blue Cross has responded by creating the Rural Healthcare Initiative by investing $250 million to help improve access to care in rural communities of WA and Alaska. Behavioral health access has been increased and new counties for individual health coverage through the Health Benefit Exchange have been added. Quality programs that align with Primary Care programs have been established.

This is the first year that data has been collected. Primary care medical directors are on the Premera Blue Cross staff to support their commitment to primary care programs. Data collected confirm that Dr. Atfeh has been very thoughtful and careful to refer patients to larger facilities only when necessary recognizing that it is difficult and costly for patients to travel. This approach extends to medications and billing submittals as well.

Dr. Atfeh is donating $2,000 of his award to CBHA’s Color Run which will be held this fall. Funds raised at the Color Run will benefit children’s wellness programs.

“Our little family is growing, Dr. Atfeh said. “My wife, Dana, gave birth to our second child in May. We named her Mira. Her older sister, Lara, adores the baby,” Dr. Atfeh said. “As a family we like to swim together in the city pool.” Dr. Atfeh also enjoys running and hiking and he “loves” to travel.