Firestarter Spotlight - Janine Spurrier

Janine Spurrier began working at CBHA on February of 2016 in a job she loves so much. Her title of Reimbursement Recovery Specialist remains the same today as it was when she was hired. She does medical staff credentialing and patient services representative training at all three clinics. She also conducts eligibility reviews with the PSRs every month. She assists the patient services with their errors and teaches them on any new changes in eligibility.

Janine says the favorite thing about her job is that she is able to teach. “Things are always changing,” she said. “There are new rules and regulations all the time as well as changes and additions to the insurance companies. We work with 250 active insurance companies and submit between 500 and 600 electronic claims per week.” She also enjoys working with her department which she considers the best department!

Jane Frazier, in nominating Janine, said, “Janine takes responsibility and ownership in her position. She takes a great deal of pride in her work and continues to educate herself. Janine became a certified coder on June of 2019 after taking a comprehensive five hour and 40 minute national exam. “I am very grateful to CBHA for sponsoring a program on the job where I could train and study to become certified,” Janine said.

The very last thing Janine ever expected was that she might be named Firestarter. “I was so shocked to find out it was me!” Jane credit’s Janine’s positive attitude and encouraging ways for her selection as Firestarter. “Janine is very uplifting, especially with new employees. She makes sure everyone feels welcome. She likes to interact with patients about any question or concerns they might have.”

Janine would like to thank CBHA and everyone who works here. She said she has been in the work force for 30 years. “There isn’t a better place to work than CBHA,” she said. “I know that everyone (including top management staff) genuinely care about the employees. I feel so supported by everyone – like a family.”

In her spare time Janine keeps busy with her two dogs, six cats and one husband. However, she would like everyone to know that” she is not a crazy cat lady! The cats actually belonged to her daughter who grew up, moved out of the family home and left the cats. Janine also likes to hike - enjoying the over 200 WA hiking trails shown on her phone app. She loves gardening and grows both flowers and vegetables. “There is something therapeutic about yanking out the weeds,” she says. She also believes in self-care and takes time for a daily workout in the CBHA gym as well as some personal time for prayer and reflection.