Your Healthcare Bestie

Having a Primary Care Provider (PCP) is like having a best friend in your healthcare circle. You wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing important information with someone you just became acquainted with, right? But you would tell someone you’ve known longer and you can trust. That’s how a PCP works!


A PCP is a healthcare professional who helps you manage your health. He or she is the first person you talk to when you have a medical problem that is not an emergency. PCPs can be a Doctor, Physician Assistant (PA-C) or a Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP).

PCPs stay by your side throughout your health journey and help you reach your health goals. “While other providers can provide immediate care, they may not offer the same level of continuity, personalized care, or long-term health management that a PCP can provide,” says ARNP Laura Ely. 


Having a Primary Care Provider offers advantages like long-term care, personalized attention, comprehensive healthcare, and care coordination.

“Routine preventative visits with a PCP could help catch symptoms early and prevent diseases. This means regularly checking for serious, chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and more,” says Dr. Veniel Garza, DO

There’s a level of trust that is built between a patient and a Primary Care Provider. “PCPs already know your entire health history, including your family health history, previous screenings, and laboratory testing that has already been taken,” says PA-C, Annie Coronado. “This can save you from having to do the same test and screenings with another provider who has never seen you before.”

That being said, if your PCP is at CBHA but they aren’t available to see you for one of your visits, any other CBHA provider you see will have access to your chart. So they will have all the same information your PCP has, and they will be able to talk directly to your PCP if they need to.


CBHA has a variety of providers that fit every patient’s needs. And you can pick any of them to be your healthcare bestie. Tell us over the phone next time you make an appointment or at the front desk when you come in for your visit.

Whether you're aiming to stay healthy or manage a condition, having a dedicated primary care provider as your bestie is a choice that pays off in the best possible way – a healthier, happier you.

Check out our providers page and what clinic they serve at to see who is the best fit for you! Once you've chosen a provider give us a call to set them up as your primary care provider! 509-488-5256