We love our students and interns!

CBHA has a long history of allowing, actually encouraging, students to come to CBHA to observe medical and dental providers in action.

Let’s say you are the patient. You come in for your appointment. A nurse settles you into a room, takes your vital signs and documents your symptoms. The provider then comes into the room followed by another person. You are told the second person is a medical student and asks if you will allow the student to observe your examination. You give your consent and the exam proceeds.

“We are most grateful when you give your consent to be observed,” Dulcye Field, CBHA's Chief Clinical Officer, said. “It gives the student an opportunity to gain diagnostic experience. CBHA is affiliated with many universities, schools of medicine and other medical and dental training facilities in many parts of the country – both in and out of the state of Washington. The student first must complete required training in their field and a certain amount of clinical work prior to their rotation at CBHA. They are also expected to maintain full confidentiality regarding your care, as are all of our staff.”

Hundreds of people have served in this program over the years. A plus of the program is that the student also has an opportunity to observe the clinic, staff and town while they are here resulting in many of them settling here when their studies have concluded.

“Once a student works with our patients, in our wonderful communities and has an opportunity to work in our state of the art facilities they are more likely to become a permanent part of our team,” Dulcye concluded.

Dr. Nichole Tomblin, Dentist, started out as a dental student here at CBHA.