Beyond the Walls of CBHA

For CBHA, being part of the community means being part of your everyday lives. Whether we’re collecting and distributing holiday food baskets, or helping you welcome a new baby to your family, we enjoy interacting with our community beyond CBHA’s walls.

Several of our providers recently visited Othello schools, answering questions and sharing their experiences. The goal of these visits was to help kids imagine how they too can turn their hard work and education into rewarding careers.

Dr.Syed Gillani (Doctor of Osteopathy) met with 7th grade students at McFarland Middle School, and talked about his work as a physician. Students were curious about medical school, how many babies he’s delivered, and how he knows no instruments are left in people’s bodies after a surgery.

Melissa Alvarez, PharmD / PA-C, also met with Wahitis Elementary students, showing them how to check blood pressures and measure heart rates.

“The students at Wahitis impressed me with their questions, interest in transmission of illness like the flu, and their knowledge about vaccinations and prevention of illness,” said Alvarez. “I hope by our clinic being next door to the school, we will be able to encourage more families to seek services and participate in community events at CBHA. I look forward seeing students in our community - and my patients possibly returning to CBHA one day as providers and other members of our healthcare team.”

If you would like an educational school visit, please call our HR Department. We enjoy being part of your world – whether that’s in or outside CBHA’s walls.