2023 Provider Of The Year - Kyle Hogaboam

This provider of the year has been with us for 10 years!

He works with our providers to ensure that patients are getting the medication they need. This provider is very involved in his community and has attended and volunteered at many CBHA events, showing his dedication and support.

Congratulations Kyle Hogaboam!

I would like to say, first and foremost, what a blessing it has been to be given the opportunity to work for such a great organization like CBHA. The work that we do each and every day has a direct impact on the patients in the communities that we serve. Part of our mission here at CBHA is to be a model of excellence in patient satisfaction in community and migrant health care and a community leader in initiating and developing collaborative relationships. Throughout the years, I have seen this carried out time and time again in that our organization constantly works toward achieving this objective in everything that we do.

I know that it takes many people to collaborate and work together to deliver excellent healthcare, and that is precisely what happens here every day at CBHA. Many people work behind the scenes, helping to make that happen, and we could not do what we do without them.

Another common theme that I have observed over the years while delivering care for our patients relates to our administration and leadership teams here at CBHA. Our leadership team actively listens to the people helping to achieve the mission. Sometimes, when organizations grow too fast or become too large, leadership gets out of touch with the employees who carry out the Mission day in and day out.

That is not the case here at CBHA. Our leadership team works tirelessly to lead and listen to their employees. Ideas generated in the trenches, as I like to say, are listened to, and if those ideas result in better quality outcomes while delivering healthcare to our patients, they are often implemented.

In the Pharmacy department, we have an excellent team that works together to help our patients achieve better health. Our leadership team, Jessica, Tim, and Salvador, all do a great job of helping our department stay connected and run smoothly. Our Pharmacy technicians and assistants also play a vital role.

CBHA is a forward-looking organization always striving to improve, get better, and deliver high-quality health care directly to the communities that we serve. I hear time and time again from our patients that they are glad we are present in the community and always willing to help assist them. It is a joy to work for an organization that does things differently and is always striving to be the best at what we do.