Firestarter Spotlight - Jude Alsarraj

Jude began her employment at CBHA in December, 2013. Her job title at that time was Clinical Systems Optimization Specialist. Her title remains the same today. “However, the duties have been expanded; many enhancements/upgrades have been made over the years,” Jude said. “We have one coming up in the near future.” Jude does a lot of clinical workflow optimization with the providers and their teams to enhance efficiency. “Everyone tries to do their best; each provider has their own style and their team learns to adapt to that style. Each team is very different. Providers like to train their team so everyone is on the same page resulting in an efficient workflow.”

Jude was nominated for this honor by Courtney Stein and Kristen Stevens. They said Jude consistently has a positive attitude. “That attitude is on display whenever you’re around her. She strives to improve processes at CBHA as one of her focuses at work is better Centricity workflows to enhance efficiency. She works every day to come up with ways to make each of our day to day jobs easier. Jude puts patient’s needs first knowing the best way to do this is to give the employee what they need to be successful. She is a self-starter and never needs to be told what to do. Jude is always professional and takes ownership of her duties and accepts responsibility for her actions. She can be counted on to help others.

Jude’s favorite thing about working at CBHA is being able to help staff members with their daily EMR needs, whether it’s fixing an issue, or building a form, or improving a process. Most of the staff are acquainted with Centricity. “I try to help everyone in each department with their concerns,” she said. “It’s not just clinical teams but other departments as well i.e. Eye Care.” Jude also really enjoys staff training. She does in-depth Centricity training for medical providers and medical students.

Jude had just returned from an overseas trip on Tuesday night, June 18th. She was back to work on Wednesday , feeling a bit jet lagged, when Kristen asked her if she could have a word with her in the hallway. Thinking it to be a personal matter or something serious she followed Kristen. It was then she noticed “the others” and realized what was going on. She was so surprised. “It is lovely to be appreciated and named Firestarter of the Month,” she said.

There was a time when Jude was an avid reader. “I have rearranged things since our daughters were born. Travel is high on my list of interests now. Bashar and I love to travel with our two little girls. Yasmeen will be five in October; Zeena celebrated her third birthday in March of this year. They are already seasoned travelers.” They just returned from a trip to Germany where they visited Jude’s sister, then they spent a number of days in Istanbul, Turkey and ended their trip in Austria where they did the “Sound of Music” tour. “The girls were so excited to be there. They have watched the movie so many times at home and know the words to all the songs.”