CBHA Benefits: Get Connected

When you move to a new town or get a new job, getting connected to health care is often one of your first concerns. For those new to the communities of Othello, Mattawa and Connell, you will likely turn to CBHA, your local community health center.

CBHA’s Patient Services department makes it easy for patients to make an appointment and learn about their benefits eligibility through their employer, or through a family-health services program. When you call CBHA to make an appointment, you are connected to a Patient Services Representative (PSR) in the call center who takes your basic information and asks about your insurance.

For patients who have their own insurance, the information is added into the system. If the answer is “no,” you do not have your own coverage, you are then connected with a Patient Benefits Representative.

We know not all people have health insurance through their employer, and it is our job to help our patients get the care they need.

When patients meet individually with a Patient Benefits staff member, they learn about the many programs and insurance plans available to them, including:

MEDICARE A federal health insurance program for eligible citizens and permanent residents, primarily over the age of 65, Medicare provides inpatient and outpatient care, doctors visits, and preventative services through Part A or B original Medicare coverage options.

MEDICAID A federal assistance program for low-income patients of all ages, Medicaid covers medical expenses, including inpatient and outpatient services, doctor visits, laboratory and x-ray services, and home health services. Some states also provide optional benefits, such as physical and occupational therapy.

MEDICARE PART D A stand-alone plan, Medicare Part D adds prescription drug expense coverage to any original Medicare plan.

APPLE HEALTH FOR KIDS Washington’s Apple Health for Kids provides free or lost-cost medical, dental, vision and mental health benefits to children under age 19 who qualify through the Medicaid and S-CHIP programs.

APPLE HEALTH FOR ADULTS Apple Health for Adults offers several packages, including solutions for non-citizens, adults, and elderly patients. Enrollees can access preventive care screenings; treatment for diabetes and high blood pressure; and dental, behavioral health and pregnancy services as well as many other offerings.

HEALTH BENEFIT EXCHANGE The benefits exchange is a statewide market place that offers health coverage plans to individuals and families according to their needs and budget. These plans include a range of essential health benefits, such as doctor and ER visits, hospitalization, medications, maternity care, mental health, labs and preventive care.

AFFORDABLE CARE PLAN Also known as the Sliding Fee Program, offers a discount on the fees charged for most services in our Medical, Dental, Eye Care and Behavioral Health departments. Check with a Patient Service Representative to find out if you qualify.