Ana Montes -

Connell High School 2021

We are inspired by one of our Healthy Futures Scholarship recipient, Ana Montes!

Ana received our scholarship in 2021 and is currently attending her dream school, the University of Washington. She has big plans to enter the healthcare world after graduating and we’re happy we have helped her get started achieving her goals.

"My mother is a single mom who supported my siblings and I through her work in the fields. I knew that if I wanted to attend higher education, I would need to seek for financial support because it wouldn’t be easy for her to afford.

After applying to my dream college, I applied for as many scholarships as I could including the Healthy Futures Scholarship that CBHA offers. I knew this scholarship could provide the financial support I needed to pay for my tuition and housing.

My dream has always been to help others through the health care world. And CBHA’s scholarship helps me do that.

I am now studying at my dream college, which is the University of Washington in Seattle. I plan to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in nursing and pursue a graduate degree to become a pediatric nurse practitioner. Without the worry of having to pay for tuition and housing, I am able to concentrate on my classes and grades.

The Healthy Future Scholarship is a helpful resource for anyone trying to extend their education in healthcare beyond high school. By offering this scholarship, CBHA is investing in your future, and it is definitely worth applying for."