Othello Matters - Supporting Our Community Families

Nothing makes us prouder than the Othello community and how quickly everyone comes together to support our families in need! 

Thank you Adams County Integrated Health Care for inviting us and organizing such an important event. “We wanted to start this event to reach out to the homeless families in our community,” said Charlotte Fought, Adams County Integrated Health Mental Health Counselor. “I’m hoping this opens doors, and that the community receives the resources they need.”

So many families getting warm clothes, materials and resources while also enjoying a delicious warm meal that was provided by Classic Grill’n. “I think this is a great opportunity, because we get to reach out to people who we probably don’t reach out to every day, and it reminds them that they are cared for,” says Birdie Fought, Classic Grill’n Owner.

CBHA passed out beanies, mittens, toothbrushes and information about the services we offer and how it can benefit their family. We love to care for our communities and are always looking to provide a helping hand in the best way that we can!