Annual Teen Health Fair at Othello High School

Our annual Teen Health Fair at Othello High School was a hit!

We had students from both Desert Oasis High School and Othello High School attend!

“This event is so that our students can build relationships with different businesses so that our future adults know about the access they have to different resources within the community,” says Sophia Rodriguez.

They got to chat with so many vendors in the community, including our Nutritionist, Flower Star, dental hygienists, health educators, and our Othello School-Based Behavioral Health Counselor, Deyanira Gonzalez.

“The presence that CBHA has in Othello is powerful and I think its important that students see everyone in the community come together so they know we are always supporting them,” says Angela Kudsk, Lighthouse Community Center, Program Director.

We want to say thank you to all the businesses that took the time to come to this event and hang out with these students.

Check out more pictures below: