Firestarter Spotlight - Esmeralda Esparza

Join us in congratulating Esmeralda Esparza on her Firestarter Award! Esmeralda is a Patient Service Representative at our Othello Clinic. She is the first one to lend a helping hand to any patient or employee that needs one.

Esmeralda goes out of her way to make sure that a patient is satisfied with their care and that they are being helped the same way she would want to be helped as a patient. She is highly respected by her peers and a great example for them to resemble.

We are so happy to have her as our front staff, serving our community. Congratulations Esmeralda!

Get to know Esmeralda:

When did you start at CBHA?

I started working at CBHA on August 6th, 2012

What is your title and job duties?

I am a Patient Service Representative - Certified. I’m in charge of overseeing the PSR team, as Team Lead. I make sure there is enough staff for our medical and eye care front desks, including other departments. I greet patients when they come into the clinic and help guide them to where they need to go.

What do you like best about working for CBHA?

I love that every day is a new day and we make a difference in people’s lives. I am the first person that our patients interact with, and it’s important for me to leave a good impression on them. It makes me happy when they leave with a smile on their face and have gotten the help they asked for.

How has CBHA helped you in your career development?

Throughout my years here, I have expanded my knowledge and grown in this position. CBHA has helped me improve in my skills and adapt to new ones in this fast paced environment.

What has been your favorite part about your job?

I have enjoyed creating a team that I can trust and rely on.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work?

My motivation to come to work comes from my daughter, Camila. I aspire to do the best that I can to lead as a great example for her. I want her to look up to me and be proud of the person that I am.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.

Something about myself that would surprise people, is that I wanted to be a Body Builder growing up.

What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?

If I wasn’t doing this I would want to be a photographer and possibly be a marketer or advertiser for a company.

Favorite travel spot?

My favorite travel spot would be Tehualmixtle, Jalisco, Mexico

When you have 30 minutes of free-time outside of work, how do you pass the time?

When I have 30 minutes of free time outside of work I enjoy spending time with my family and making memories with them.

Anyone you would like to thank or final words?

I would like to thank the person that nominated me for Firestarter because this couldn’t have happened without them. I would also like to give a shout out to my PSR team and Mat Garza, my supervisor, for coming together and working hard through everything. And Bianca just because I love her so much <3