Firestarter Spotlight | Elizabeth Gonzalez

Elizabeth Gonzalez was eager to work for CBHA as a part-time pharmacy assistant at the Connell Clinic in 2016. A year later she transferred to the Othello Clinic when a full-time position became open.

She was assigned to a special project between the call center and pharmacy where, if a patient called in needing a prescription refill, she could take those calls and help accomplish that for the patient. That project is ongoing and Elizabeth and a coworker continue to handle those calls.

She is currently in the process of cross training in medical reception and will continue that training until she is trained in dental and vision reception as well. When asked about the favorite part of her job, Elizabeth is quick to reply “helping patients”. She said it makes her so happy to know that patients have received the help they needed when they leave.

Lizeth Lopez Martinez nominated Elizabeth for this award. “Elizabeth always has a positive attitude. She loves her job and is always trying to find ways to improve herself and also improve satisfaction levels for our patients. She is very compassionate with the patients and is always reliable. Elizabeth is very accountable and takes ownership in her work. Her behaviors always reflect CBHA standards. She is pleasant to work with and talk to. She treats everyone with respect."

Elizabeth said she was “shook” when she found out she had been chosen for Firestarter. “I always aspired to be chosen someday but had no idea it would be so soon,” she said. Her supervisor, Christina Toro, had devised quite a ruse to surprise her. Elizabeth was working in the pharmacy when Christina came in and told her they were short of PSRs and she needed to do her cross training. They stopped by the café for a coffee and then Christina told her they needed to go upstairs so she could fill her water bottle. All the while Elizabeth was following. Then, right after they’d climbed the stairs and were about to pass the Leah Lane conference room, Christina said, “Oh, come in here with me for a few minutes.” At this point, Elizabeth, who was battling a cold, was following along in a bit of a daze when they walked into the room filled with staff shouting “congratulations”! They produced balloons and it was all very festive. Elizabeth was overwhelmed and also very grateful that she should be the one chosen.

Elizabeth and her husband have a five year old daughter and a little boy who will be two in August. They recently attended CBHA’s movie night. She said she appreciates CBHA’s employee events. They like to go to eat as a family and they also like to shop together. Elizabeth is a tidy person by nature and she says she truly loves to organize and she even enjoys cleaning. She finds keeping her spaces at work tidy makes her job easier. They recently acquitted a French Bull Dog named Bam Bam. “We all love him – especially the kids,” she said.

Elizabeth would like to thank all of her supervisors and co-workers for her at CHBA. “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow within the organization.