Dr. Elali's Always on the Run

In the clinic, Dr. Elali is always on the move. Yet, even between seeing patients and actively engaging in CBHA’s growth and programs, he makes his own wellness a priority.

He had been involved in organized sports as a child, and continued into college, but was slowed down by the injuries he sustained over the years. His own success in the OptiFast program, and his desire to set a good example “renewed his participation in active events,” Elali shared.

Along with monitoring his diet and staying active, he’s also an avid runner. In 2017, he accomplished his goal to participate in a marathon, completing the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon Stantander Totta RTP in Lisbon, Portugal.

Dr. Elali shared that “new goals and challenges” keep him running. “I enjoy the benefits to my health both mentally and physically,” he said. “I also like my increased endurance, and meeting people at events.” If you see him around Othello, join him! “My vision is to see Othello as one of the healthiest towns in the state of Washington,” Elali said. He leads by example to make this dream a reality.

His sustainable approach of “monitoring diet and staying active” is one that participants in the TotalYou Wellness Program and others in the community can use to make positive changes. For those who are not sure where to start, Dr. Elali shares his advice: “start slow, stop when you are tired, and take days off.”