Connell Dental Reaches Full Coverage Goal

Nohely Velazquez, CBHA’s Connell Clinic Manager, is pleased to have reached one of her long time goals.

“We are so excited to offer full-time dental coverage at the Connell Dental Clinic – Monday through Friday,” she said. “We have at least two dentists working in the clinic every day. Dr. Luis Miron (pictured on the cover with a patient) is our full-time dentist, Dr. Daryl Ballard works three days, Dr. Nicole Tomblin works on Friday and Dr. Aleta Cheek comes in on Thursdays to do Orthodontics. People like knowing that their providers work specific days so they can request them.”

The Connell dental staff report that they feel well supported by CBHA. “Continuing dental education is very important,” Dr. Miron said. “We want to keep up on new techniques, medications and equipment. CBHA makes certain that we receive on going education in our fields.”

He said dental providers are continually researching new equipment. "We want to provide the best care possible for our patients with equipment that represents the latest technology and research. We regularly meet with CBHA management staff to provide input.”

It is generally well known that it is important to have our teeth cleaned and examined regularly. Studies show that proper oral hygiene also helps protect against heart disease and other conditions. These problems are linked to dental plaque, a colorless sticky film that forms when bacteria in the mouth transforms the sugars from food into acids.

CBHA’s Connell Dental Clinic employs two dental hygienists, Lauren Spilles and America Caballero to help us keep our teeth clean and in good condition.