Firetarter Spotlight - Alejandra Porfirio

Because Alejandra Porfirio had been chosen Employee of the month in 2008, she thought she would never be singled out again as an employee of distinction. She was wrong! Recently, during a meeting, she was asked to step out into the hall. Her first thought was “Is it me since there are two Alejandra’s in her department. Then she realized what was happening and thought “Do I really deserve to be chosen twice?” She said she is normally a little shy and doesn’t seek attention. However, she is appreciative of the honor and grateful to be named “Firestarter of the Month”.

She was nominated by fellow employee, Carla Lopez. Carla said Alejandra is always very professional at work and always nicely groomed and pleasant. “I have observed Alejandra interact with coworkers and the medical staff in such a way that there are no communication gaps between departments,” Carla said. “Alejandra also remembers each patient and her previous conversations with them. The patients appreciate this and often ask for Alejandra by name.”

Alejandra has worked at CBHA for 15 years. After all those years her favorite part of her job remains the same; being able to interact with the OB moms as well as the WIC patients. “I am privileged to work with the moms throughout their pregnancies and, as a bonus, I get to see their babies!”

Alejandra enjoys working out in the CBHA exercise room. She also likes to go for walks and is often accompanied by one or more of her four children. “I have a teenager who is learning to drive this summer,” Alejandra said. “I try to remain calm during the practice sessions!” Alejandra, her husband and children like going to the movies and also enjoy swimming in the city pool. “My daughters and I like to shop. I do love to read and try to find a little time each day for my books.”