Flower Star, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

  • Nutrition

Provider Bio

“I believe in improving the quality of life for all individuals by emphasizing prevention and wellness as a way of life by developing behavioral based interventions that align with your needs.”

Flower spent the majority of her childhood in California. She later moved to Washington and lived in Port Angeles for few years. She attended Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA and received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition with Didactic Program in Dietetics in 2015.

Her appreciation towards healthy eating started when she was young. Her mom always made whole foods when she was little, and that was when she sparked interest in having good eating habits. “People should be able to live a lot longer and I wanted to do something to achieve that end. I got into Nutrition to help people live better lives”, says Flower.

• Nutrition Assessment of high risk patients

• Nutrition counseling for WIC Program

• Nutrition Counseling for MSS Program

• Obesity Management

• Diabetes

• Hyperlipidemias

• Nutrient Deficiencies

• Medical Nutrition Therapy for any nutrition condition

She loves the people here at CBHA and how friendly and welcoming everyone is. “CBHA has a patient centered atmosphere, where they help the patient make good choices.”

Flower enjoys being outdoors, and especially loves the sunshine of Eastern Washington. She enjoys that there are mountains, lakes and trees all over. “I love how close things are, like the Cascade Mountains and the lakes.” Her and her husband are also excited for country life and move at a slower pace compared to Port Angeles.

When Flower is not seeing patients you can catch her fishing, hiking, knitting or reading a good book! She also enjoys to travel and has traveled to various places, one of them being Australia.

“I believe in providing quality healthcare for all individuals. As a nutritionist it is my goal to help you lead a healthier life and prevent these chronic health conditions,” says Flower.

Flower will be seeing patient in Othello soon. Call or text us now to schedule your appointment with our new Dietitian. The Othello clinic is open from 7am-7pm