Jarom Hayward, PA-C

  • Family Practice

Provider Bio

Jarom Hayward is a PA-C at CBHA!

Growing up, his dad was in the Air Force, so he lived in several different places. At the age of 13, his family settled in Alaska, and that’s where he finished middle school and high school and called home throughout college. He attended BYU Idaho and got his foot in the door of the medical field by working at a dermatology clinic.

He was a Medical Assistant for a PA, who encouraged him to go further into the medical field. "I wanted to do more for the people that I was helping." Jarom attended the University of Washington and received his Physician Assistant degree through their Medex Program.

CBHA really stood out to him in the way that every department communicates with each other to help their patients as a whole. He really enjoy the work that he does, and helping others feel better about their health.