Welcome Jesstine Kane

Jesstine Kane enjoyed the six week clinical experience she completed at CBHA at the beginning of her PA training. “I was able to work at both the Othello and Connell CBHA clinics. I love CBHA and all that they do,” she said. “I was really impressed that they have these state-of-the art facilities. I previously worked in the Tri-Cities for 18 months and gained a lot of patient experience in a large hospital. The charm of this area grows on you after a while." Jesstine said she is happy to have returned to CBHA and care for people in a clinic setting. “I want to help people achieve their best healthy life on a daily basis. CBHA really is an amazing facility – the likes of which one might expect in Seattle or Portland.” Jesstine Kane is now seeing patients. View her Welcome Video HERE.