Central Washington Behavioral Health

Treatment for Anxiety, Depression & More in the Columbia Basin and Beyond

People far often underestimate the seriousness of behavioral and mental health challenges.The solution to chronic anxiety, depression, bullying, and stress is not as simple as “getting over it". When you feel overwhelmed, depressed, chronically anxious, or troubled by a family problem it can have a negative impact on your physical health. Many patients with mental health disorders develop eating disorders, sleep disorders, and lethargy, which inhibits physical activity, lead to heart disease and other conditions.

At Columbia Basin Health Association, we are just as committed to caring for a patient’s mental health as we are their physical health. Assessments and treatment sessions are available in English and Spanish and take place in a culturally sensitive and confidential environment.

Our mental and behavioral health services include:
  • Mental and behavioral health screenings
  • Bilingual counseling
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • General Substance Use Disorder Treatment
  • Depression screenings
  • Free assessments
  • See what services are offered via TELEHEALTH

If you could benefit from behavioral health treatment or have a loved one who could, CBHA can help. Our highly trained behavioral health team includes therapists, counselors, and a mental health advanced registered nurse practitioner. Michelle Taylor, our Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (PMH-ARNP), has a medical background, which gives her a unique perspective into patient health and how mental-health issues impact physical health and wellbeing. She specializes in diagnosis and medication management.

Call or text 800-330-2242 for more information or to schedule an appointment.